YOTAM Tour Dates and “True Traveller Documentary” Premier


Yotam of the Israeli punk outfit Useless ID is set to embark on yet another solo tour throughout Europe, Russia and Israel. Yotam is also releasing his True Traveller Documentary which shows highlights of his first tour of Russia/Belarus/Ukraine. His never ending travels throughout the world entertaining fans of all shapes and sizes continues…

“It was May 2016 when a longtime friend from Belarus decided to put a Russia/Belarus/Ukraine tour together for me and bring a camera man along for the ride, I’ve been there a few times in the past with Useless ID but never alone as a solo act but since I like adventures I went along with it and was great beyond expectations, ever since I’ve been to Russia 3 more times and next month will be my 5th time in the span of less than a year, the crowd is simply amazing in that part of the world and I’m glad I got to see it and have the short documentary “True Traveller” to show for it, European Tour with Mike Noegraf starts in 2 days..I will spend 4 days in Israel once it’s done and head back to Russia right after ending the tour at YOTASPACE HALL with the great TARAKANY!”  Yotam-

Tour Dates-Europe | Russia | Israel 2017

March 17 Livorno | SurferJo*
March 18 Turbigo | La cabotina*
March 19 Vienna | Fanialive*
March 20 Valasske Mezirici | Bar Lira*
March 21 Brno | Pub U Dvou Pratel*
March 22 Bratislava | Riva Bar*
March 23 Piazzetta | Ronchi De Legionari*
March 24 Livigno | Marco’s Pub*
March 25 Lausanne | Salle Bellevaux*
March 26 Lyon | Kraspek*
April 1 Minsk | DIY bar
April 4 Chereprovets | Metallist Bar
April 5 Vologda | Vinoven Bar
April 6 Saint Petersburg | Zoccolo 2.0
April 8 Moscow | YOTASPACE w/ Tarakany!
April 9 Moscow | YOTASPACE w/ Tarakany!
April 15 Haifa | Plaster
* w/ Mike Noegraf

About Yotam-
Dropping everything you’re doing and starting from scratch is not an easy task especially when you’re in your mid 30’s.

After celebrating a successful 20 years of existence show with punk band Useless ID (Fat Wreck Chords) to a hometown crowd in Israel it was time to take a break.

Yotam set out to the States for some soul searching, the result: “California Sounds”.

After living in his car and random houses all over the States for the past 6 months in 2015, around 70 shows in with the likes of Frank Turner, Chad Price, The Ataris, Laura Jane Grace, etc…

Yotam stopped by Bob Hoag’s Flying Blanket Studios (Built to Spill, Ataris) which consists of mostly analog gear and guitars from the 1950’s, armed with 10 brand new songs and going for a vibe where you enter a studio and leave a day later with an album done like in in the early years of Bob Dylan.

“Nobody does this anymore, everyone is so caught up in sounding perfect and auto tune and it just kills character” he says, then adds “Bob was amazing, we did 1-2 takes of each song, making very quick decisions”

All live with some overdubs here and there, the album was mixed the next day and mastered a month later by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room while Yotam passed by through Colorado for a show.

The album is more stripped down in sound and more punk in spirit than it’s predecessor “Distant Lover” which was released on Hardline Entertainment 3 years ago to be exact, as the name is stripped down as well. “Dropping my last name just felt natural after playing a show at Hermosa Beach opening for label mates The Bunny Gang featuring Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly, I looked at the stage times and it said Yotam 8:00–8:30 which just seemed more fitted for this album” says Yotam and adds “People just can’t remember my last name”, even Fat Mike whom I’ve known for years asked me one day “Dude, how do you say your last name again?”

Trying to catch the madness of tour life while it was happening “California Sounds” was recorded on May 4th between two US tours. It tells the story of questions that appear as we get older but aren’t ready yet to cross the line into adulthood like opener “Days of Living” , other themes dealing with new people entering our lives as others leave “Tony Sly”, “Grandfather” yet, an album is never complete without the ultimate break up song “Silver and Gold” or a lost love that didn’t come to fruition “Catastrophe” and pushing his limits to write songs on the road and completing them during drives “California Sounds”, “Young Man Bones”

“The comfort zone is the enemy” adds Yotam.

California Sounds and Distant Lover available now on Hardline.



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