HR (Front Man Of Iconic Punk Band Bad Brains) Releasing New Solo Album “Give Thanks” On Nov 29th

All photos by Jack Grisham of TSOL.

“Give Thanks” Vinyl details: Limited Edition Vinyl 100 units each of opaque black, red, gold and green signed and numbered by HR. 
All photos by Jack Grisham of TSOL.


Paul “HR” Hudson is best known as the front man of the iconic punk band Bad Brains, formed in 1979. With unprecedented speed and precision, Bad Brains took the Washington, DC music scene by storm and quickly became the most influential band in American punk history, breaking down cultural barriers and creating emotionally charged music centered on the message of maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA). This concept of PMA continues to inspire HR’s fans.

Early in his career, HR became interested in reggae and the Rastafarian movement. These pursuits transformed him, and he began to focus more on the spiritual nature of reggae rather than the fast lifestyle of the punk scene. In 1984, HR formed his reggae-rock band Human Rights, which has performed and recorded in various incarnations for more than three decades. The current incarnation has a refined yet organic energy that hasn’t been felt since the early days of Human Rights.

HR’s music speaks to the youth of today encouraging them to practice gratitude, to never give up on their dreams, and to live in unity. His new solo album, “Give Thanks” will be released Nov 29th via Hardline Entertainment.


TSOL Set To Release 12″ Single – 1 Thing – on Limited Edition Vinyl

Photo by Jason Cook

Southern California Punk Legends TSOL cover Amerie’s “1 Thing” and launch pre sale of the 12” single on Limited Edition Colored Vinyl via Hardline Entertainment.

The vinyl will be available in transparent red, white or blue and will have a black and white silk screened American flag on the reverse side. This is limited to 150 units of each color. Records ship late March.

The record is now available for pre-sale via the Hardline Entertainment web store at


“I like go-go music and soul and anything that really moves. I first heard Amerie’s “1 Thing” in 2005, when it was released. Fucking infectious man, the way that groove keeps rolling, and she’s such a great vocalist. The lyrics were your basic relationship trip but then it hit me, this isn’t just a song about some dude, these lyrics read like a song to a system or a government that’d been up to no good. When she sang, “memories keep ringing bells” I was thinking of the state of our union today, the turmoil in our society, and where we’d been before—I was musing on our involvement in the Middle East, Latin America, Vietnam. I was thinking about the dirty deeds that this nation had been up to and then she sang, “why don’t you just admit it” and I realized that no one in power, not in this country, was ever gonna admit that we were wrong.” 

-Jack Grisham

Tour Dates-
Dec 8 Sacramento, CA @ Ace Of Spades w/ Dead Kennedys
Dec 9 Berkely, CA @ UC Theatere Taube Mesic Hall w/ Dead Kennedys
Dec 15 Scottsdale, AZ @ BLK Live
Dec 16 Riverside, CA @ Mission Tabaco Lounge
Jan 3 Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst
Jan 4 Losa Angeles, CA @ The Regent
Jan 5 Santa Ana @ The Observetory w/ Youth Brigade
Jan 6 San Diego, CA @ Cashah
Feb 20 Jacksonville, CA @ Surfer (The Bar)



tsol_1thing_red2    tsol_1thing_white2    tsol_1thing_blue2

Save Ferris Set To Release Live Limited Edition Vinyl!

Southern California Ska Veterans Save Ferris are set to release their very first ever live record on Limited Edition Vinyl via Hardline Entertainment.

The performance was recorded live from The Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA Aug 26th,  2016.  The record includes several tracks from their major label releases “It Means Everything” and “Modified”.

The recordings will be available and limited to 150 units each of black and white, pink and white and blue and white vinyl all signed and numbered by Monique herself and will include a digital download card.
Vinyl ships Summer 2018.

The record is now available for pre sale via the Hardline Entertainment web store at Click Here

“Great news! After the 20+ years of the bands’ existence, Save Ferris is releasing our first live record EVER. I know you’re going to love it. It was recorded on an amazing night, and I couldn’t be happier to share this really fun show experience with all of you in which we play just the classics…”

-Monique Powell


Tour Dates-

Tuesday March 6th at House of Blues San Diego, CA w/ 311

Sunday April 29th @ Back To The Beach Fest Huntington Beach, CA with a Legendary Ska Line Up

More about Save Ferris Here


TSOL Set To Release Live Limited Edition Vinyl

Southern California Punk Legends TSOL are set to release their new record “Live at The Observatory” on Limited Edition Vinyl via Hardline Entertainment.

Recorded live at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA Jan, 5th 2018 by Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Pennywise, Social Distortion), “Live at The Observatory” features all tracks from the bands 1981 Self Titled EP and “Dance With Me” releases.

The recordings will be available and limited to 100 units each of Green and Pink both signed and numbered and will include a digital download card.

Yellow version added!

Vinyl ships June 2018.

The record is now available for pre sale via the Hardline Entertainment web store at Click Here

About TSOL-Click Here

TSOL “Live at The Observatory” set to release June 2018 via Hardline Entertainment.

TSOL Press Pic

Diego’s Umbrella to Release New Record via Hardline Entertainment!


Diego’s Umbrella, San Francisco’s ambassadors of gypsy rock, are hitting the road and coming your way with their brand new record Edjka.

Pre Sale Midnight Blue Gatefold Vinyl Here!

First 100 units will get Limited Edition Opaque White Vinyl Signed and Numbered in place of the Blue.

Having spent the last two years touring, writing, and recording, the band has been stockpiling audience-tested material and focusing on calibrating a distinct flavor. Their soon to be released fifth studio album, Edjka is set to release March, 10th 2017 and includes the Diego’s staple of fast and furious gypsy rock, along with some new elements including cumbia beats, indie pop harmonies, and a celtic punk attitude (as delivered in their hit single “You’ll Never Take Us Down”.

DOWNLOAD “You’ll Never Take Us Down” FOR FREE HERE!

The band has toured internationally many times over and performs nationally on a regular basis. The band has also been a featured performer at many major festivals including SXSW, BottleRock, Outside Lands, and High Sierra.

“This is our best album to date. It is raw and emotional, the combination of years on the road, finely tuned craftmanship and bold songwriting. What makes it even more exciting is that we’re teaming up with Hardline Entertainment for the release. This is gonna be an exciting year for Diego’s Umbrella.

Vaughn Lindstrom – Diego’s Umbrella

Edjka Tack Listing-








  1. Old Vienna
  2. Born To Lead
  3. The Black Open
  4. Never Take Us Down
  5. Don Quixote
  6. Take This On Our Own
  7. Into The Frey
  8. Do You Like It
  9. Rattling Bones
  10. Korobeiniki (Tetris)
  11. Up Down
  12. Bularias Por Cuchara
  13. Edjka

Upcoming Tour Dates:

11/17 Coos Bay, OR. Egyptian Theatre

11/18 Portland, OR. Analog Cafe

11/19 Bend, OR. Volcanic Theater

11/20 Seattle, WA. Tractor Tavern



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Hoist The Colors to release “Mourners” via Hardline Entertainment!

Southern California’s own folk-influenced punk band Hoist The Colors are set to release their 3rd full length record titled “Mourners” set to release September 24th via Hardline Entertainment. Pre Sale is live now!



First 100 copies will be signed and numbered by the band and includes mp3 Download Card.



1) Little Rebel
2) No One Lives Here
3) Mourners
4) Muse
5) Dancing With Ghosts
6) Rainier
7) So It Goes
8) All Quiet On The Western Front
9) Bullseye
10) Stowaway
11) Mariposa
12) Something More Than This

Hoist 1












About Hoist The Colors

A city like Los Angeles, where so many musicians are trying to be the “Next Big Thing,” can chew bands up and spit them out.

Hoist The Colors has navigated the rough waters of this city they call home by staying true to themselves, creating music they feel passionate about while accepting the inevitable evolution of their lives and their art.

Change is something the members of Hoist The Colors fully embrace. This idea rings true with their newest effort, entitled “Mourners”, their second release on Hardline Entertainment. And while the five piece are proud of where they are, they are even more excited about what lies ahead.

“We started in my living room”, explains singer and mandolin player Joshua Linden, “This band was never meant to do much more then play a few pubs and get some free drinks. But once we started playing around LA, we developed a following as well as a love for what we were doing.”

With the spark lit and a unique take on folk-influenced punk, the band released their first full length themselves, entitled Second City”.  A year later, they found themselves back in the studio, this time signed to independent Hermosa Beach label Hardline Entertainment and recording their second LP, Miles to Go Before We Sleep”. Artistically, this proved to be a turning point for the band, as they had finally found their sound, blending a mix of Americana and Irish folk, while leaning heavily on their punk rock roots.

Soon after the album’s release, the band hit the road, playing up and down the west coast and spending a month back east, sharing the stage with acts ranging from Death By Stereo to Old Man Markley, and once again proving they could play with any band from any genre of music.

Two years after Miles to Go Before We Sleep”, the band began writing for a new album. Major obstacles hit the band, but with the upcoming release of “Mourners”, Hoist The Colors is feeling stronger and more confident than ever. “Mourners” is the most honest music the band has ever written, as the sound is solidified by soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a heavy dose of twang.

“I think on “Mourners”, we focused hard on spotlighting what we do best,” states lead guitarist Jeff Murphy. “None of us claim to be virtuoso musicians. We don’t have a gimmick or an over the top stage personas. But we can write a song. And we take songwriting extremely seriously.”

Although darker than the first two albums, ultimately “Mourners” offers hope and a message that some things must not be given up, especially one’s passion for the things that make life worth living. “Mourners”  is available for pre sale now and will be available for purchase on September 24th 2016 on iTunes and at, and streaming on Spotify and Rhapsody.

Joshua Linden – Lead Vocals, Mandolin
Jeff Murphy – Lead Guitar
Fabian De La Torre – Bass, Backing Vocals
Ivan De La Torre – drums
Sean Brandlin – Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals



Instagram- @hoistthecolors




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The Darlings to release “Live Attack” via Hardline Entertainment!

Southern California’s own rock n roll outfit The Darlings will be releasing “Live Attack” via Hardline Entertainment September 30th 2016.  “Live Attack” consists of 14 blistering live tracks recorded November, 7th 2015 at The Slidebar in Fullerton, CA.


First 100 copies will be signed and numbered by the band and includes mp3 Download Card.



1) Public Service Announcement
2) Obsession Road
3) Hypnotize
4) Teenage Thing
5) Carol
6) No Sunshine
7) Mr. Morgan Crow
8) There’s a Madman Livin in Waco
9) Hummingbird Wings
10) Won’t Back Down
11) Love Story
12) Broken Heart Still Beating
13) Head Hunter
14) Hey You
“So yea we  finally captured live which a lot of people claim sounds better than our studio recordings. I believe the stage is sacred place where the soul is bared, dancing and singing are forged together to make human organic splendor… Energy absorbed from the crowd ain’t nothin to sneeze at.. One take, one band, one record.”
Buddy Darling-
About The Darlings

The Darlings are four west coast rock n rollers with a vintage modern attack and down home southern roots. Formed in 2005 by Buddy Darling (singer/guitar) and Chris Kranes (bass) in Redondo Beach CA.

The Darlings continue to respectfully nod to their deep retro-fittings, but effortlessly draw their listeners into uncharted territory; the aromatic essence of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Punk and Americana that seeps from their sound, seems to have been simmering in a crock-pot full of Black Sabbath’s insidious darkness and Chuck Berry’s dexterous swagger.







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Pennywise to reissue early Theologian Records recordings via Hardline Entertainment.



Los Angeles, CA. Jan, 7th 2016 –

Pennywise and Theologian Records are teaming up with South Bay indie label Hardline Entertainment to reissue the bands early recordings on a single LP titled “Nineteen Eighty Eight”. The “Nineteen Eighty Eight” LP will include “A Word From The Wise” and “Wildcard” EPs as well as tracks from the “Soul Arch” compilation featuring covers of Black Flag’s “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” and Ben E. Kings “Stand By Me” which have always been crowd favorites at the band’s shows. The LP will be available in red, blue and green opaque as well as a very Limited Edition black and white swirl that will be numbered and signed by the band.

250 Limited Edition black and white swirl numbered and signed by the band-SOLD OUT!

250 Limited Edition black and red swirl numbered and signed by the band-SOLD OUT!


Pre Sales are available now at the Hardline Store. HERE

Stream “No Way Out” and “Gone” HERE

Download Hardline Entertainment Music Comps 1, 2 & 3 HERE

Pennywise “Nineteen Eighty Eight” is set to release worldwide May, 20th 2016.


Track Listing-
1) Final Chapters
2) Covers
3) Depression
4) No Way Out
5) Gone
6) Wild Card
7) Maybes
8) Stand By Me (Ben E King)
9) Tomorrow
10) Don’t Feel Nothing
11) Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Black Flag)


“For me it’s a great honor to release these early recordings. These tracks were the band’s first recordings in a professional studio. I remember the day we got the test pressing and went to my print shop and put it on my record player. The hair on my arms stood up as I heard the songs come alive on wax. It was surreal. We then printed the covers, took apart another EP cover to use as a template and we all started cutting, folding and gluing our share. From the forming of Pennywise, to building carpet cave practice spots, to going to numerous backyard parties and shows, printing flyers and tees to think that this band might actually go somewhere was not only very special to myself and the band, but to all of us in the South Bay. The “ A Word From The Wise” EP was the release that caught the attention of Brett Gurewitz which led to the band’s signing to his now Iconic punk label Epitaph Records. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen much of the world with these guys and have met a ton of great people and have endless stories because of this band. My involvement with them fueled the starting of my Management Company and Record Label. People like Mark and Brett who had the vision and the balls to take chances on young bands has been a great influence and inspiration to me. I can’t wait to get this LP out!”

“I’ve always felt the record was great but at the time I thought “A Word From The Wise” would be the only record I’d ever release.  For me, it opened the door to so much more.  It was the genesis of Theologian Records leading to numerous releases from local to international bands, to co-owning a recording studio with Fletcher, Byron and Justin (98 Mute),  as well as a couple more Pennywise releases!  Has it really been over a quarter of a century since that first record?  I’m stoked the band is going just as strong as ever and can’t thank Pennywise enough for sticking with me all these years. It’s a pleasure to be releasing these early Pennywise recordings on one vinyl LP with Ken from Hardline Entertainment who has been there from the start.”

 “To my brother, Jason, these first real Pennywise recordings were the nucleus and beginning of a brand new era in his life. When these two EPs were being glued together by all of us in our kitchens, he felt such an accomplishment and felt like Pennywise could actually break out of the South bay and do some good in the world. This was the first time he was ever in an actual recording studio and it gave him such joy and also some pride. For him (and for me) to be able to see his words that he wrote in his room become actual songs and then those songs being actually recorded and put on vinyl was just unreal. He dreamed of that since the first time he heard Black Flag, Youth Brigade, Blitz, etc…when he was a kid and now it was actually happening thanks to Marc Theodore. I personally remember helping to glue all of those EPs sleeves together and it was just unreal and so cool to be a part of.”



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Yotam_California Sounds


1) Days of Living
2) Where is The Time
3) California Sounds
4) Heaven Sent
5) Silver and Gold
6) Platonic
7) Catastrophe
8) Tony Sly
9) Grandfather
10) Young Man Bones
11) Crawling (Bonus Track)


Dropping everything you’re doing and starting from scratch is not an easy task especially when you’re in your mid 30’s.

After celebrating a successful 20 years of existence show with punk band Useless ID (Fat Wreck Chords) to a hometown crowd in Israel it was time to take a break.

Yotam set out to the States for some soul searching, the result: “California Sounds”.

After living in his car and random houses all over the States for the past 6 months in 2015, around 70 shows in with the likes of Frank Turner, Chad Price, The Ataris, Laura Jane Grace, etc…

Yotam stopped by Bob Hoag’s Flying Blanket Studios (Built to Spill, Ataris) which consists of mostly analog gear and guitars from the 1950’s, armed with 10 brand new songs and going for a vibe where you enter a studio and leave a day later with an album done like in in the early years of Bob Dylan.

“Nobody does this anymore, everyone is so caught up in sounding perfect and auto tune and it just kills character” he says, then adds “Bob was amazing, we did 1-2 takes of each song, making very quick decisions”

All live with some overdubs here and there, the album was mixed the next day and mastered a month later by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room while Yotam passed by through Colorado for a show.

The album is more stripped down in sound and more punk in spirit than it’s predecessor “Distant Lover” which was released on Hardline Entertainment 3 years ago to be exact, as the name is stripped down as well. “Dropping my last name just felt natural after playing a show at Hermosa Beach opening for label mates The Bunny Gang featuring Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly, I looked at the stage times and it said Yotam 8:00-8:30 which just seemed more fitted for this album” says Yotam and adds “People just can’t remember my last name”, even Fat Mike whom I’ve known for years asked me one day “Dude, how do you say your last name again?”

Trying to catch the madness of tour life while it was happening “California Sounds” was recorded on May 4th between two US tours. It tells the story of questions that appear as we get older but aren’t ready yet to cross the line into adulthood like opener “Days of Living” , other themes dealing with new people entering our lives as others leave “Tony Sly”, “Grandfather” yet, an album is never complete without the ultimate break up song “Silver and Gold” or a lost love that didn’t come to fruition “Catastrophe” and pushing his limits to write songs on the road and completing them during drives “California Sounds”, “Young Man Bones”

“The comfort zone is the enemy” adds Yotam.

“California Sounds” is OUT NOW via Hardline Entertainment. Catch Yotam on tour in Europe and the US starting in November.

29/10 Brussels @ La Porte Noire

30/10 Noord-Bradant @ Knoflook

1/11 Berlin @ Ramones Museum (Willwood)

2/11 Wroclaw @ Mei’s house

3/11 Valasske Mezirici @ Bar Lira

4/11 BRNO @ Pub U Dvou p?átel

5/11 Vienna @ Down Under

6/11 Slazburg @ Sub

7/11 Freiburg @ K.I.S.S

8/11 Antwerp @ Kavka

10/11 Nottingham @ The Dog House

11/11 Leeds @ Santiago Bar

12/11 Edinburgh TBA

13/11 Dundee @ Drouthy Neebors

14/11 Leceister @ The Exchange Bar

16/11 London TBA

18/11 Milan @ TBA with ROB MOIR

19/11 Livorno @ TBA with ROB MOIR

20/11 Lyon @ Yann’s House



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