Authority Zero to tour Europe in February!

Stories of SurvivalWe are so happy to announce our first European Tour Dates! We’ve toured the U.S. around and around for the past 10 years and have been fortunate enough to squeeze in a couple Japanese and Canadian tours along the way. As much as we’ve enjoyed every minute of it, one of the biggest goals we’ve striven to accomplish as a group was to finally make it to Europe through music. There had been talk of it throughout the years and it always seemed to be just a bit out of reach and becoming a reality. We’d always been told that we just needed to get there. We are beyond ecstatic to finally get that chance and intend to hit it and embrace the opportunity full force.

– Jason


Feb 11 Mechelen, Belgium @ Metteko

Feb 12 Düsseldorf, Germany @ Zakk

Feb 13 Hamburg, Germany @ Silber

Feb 14 Germany-TBD

Feb 15 Hull, Germany @ Adelphi

Feb 16 Newcastle, Great Britain @ Trillians

Feb 17 London, Great Britain @ The Gaff

Feb 18 Salisbury, Great Britain @ Art Centre

Feb 19 Alderschot, Great Britain @ Westend Centre

Feb 20 Caudry, France @ Le Baron

Feb 21 TBD, France @ TBD

Feb 22 Marseille, France @ Trolley Bus

Feb 23 TBD, France @ TBD

Feb 24 Rennes, France @ Mondo Bizarro

Feb 25 Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ TBD

Feb 26 Ham, Belgium @ Riorock