Hardline Entertainment Music Compilation Volume 3



  1. Fractures by Templeton Pek
  2. Signs and Symbols by Hoist The Colors
  3. Lift One Up by Authority Zero (Sean-Good Riddance)
  4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Neo Geo
  5. Into The Blues by Yotam Ben Horin (Yotam-Useless ID)
  6. The New Testament by Chaos Delivery Machine (Fletcher-Pennywise • Justin/Jason 98 Mute)
  7. Sirens Through The City by The Bunny Gang (Nathan-Flogging Molly)
  8. One Perfect Day by Nations Afire (Chris-ex Rise Against • Brett/Nik-Ignite)
  9. The Late Shift by Donald Spence (Donald-Versus The World)
  10. Face Down by The Sparring
  11. We Were Alive by Versus The World (Mike-The Ataris • Chris-Lagwagon)