Punknews.org streaming brand new Thousand Watt Stare EP

Punknews.org will be streaming the entire Thousand Watt Stare EP all week long! Make sure to take a listen. AMP MAGAZINE has a great write up on Thousand Watt Stare! Check it out below here http://wp.me/pS49b-1zx

Ex Dee Dee Ramones Guitarist Christian Martucci Talks About The Band With A THOUSAND WATT STARE This Thursday night at 4pm EST on www.punkradiocast.com PRC DJ Steven Blaqart will be conducting an on air interview with Christian Martucci (former Dee Dee Ramones, Black President, The Chelsae Smiles, Strychnine Babies) about his latest offering to the preservation […]

“Thousand Watt Stare” featuring Christian Martucci formerly of  “Black President”, “The Chelsea Smiles” and “The Dee Dee Ramone Band”  along with Mr. Pat Kim and Dylan Howard of “Unwritten Law” are set to  release their self titled EP on Hardline Entertainment Nov 16th. ThousandWattStare.com Thousand Watt Stare Facebook

Debut Release from Matthew Sikora

Hey Everyone, Matthew Sikora the lead singer and guitar player of the LA based rock band “Phathom” has his first self titled solo CD out today on Hardline Entertainment! You can get the CD from iTunes or one of our many Digital Partners Thanks for the support! It would be great to see some of […]

New Artist: Thousand Watt Stare

“Thousand Watt Stare” featuring Christian Martucci formerly of “Black President”, “The Chelsea Smiles” and “The Dee Dee Ramone Band” along with Mr. Pat Kim and Dylan Howard of “Unwritten Law” are set to release their self titled EP on Hardline Entertainment in the coming months.

New Artis and New Release: Matthew Sikora

Matthew Sikora lead singer and guitarist of LA based rock outfit Phathom is set to release his self titled solo record Sept 21st on Hardline Entertainment.